The School of Humanities and Law won seven projects of Qingdao Social Science Planning in 2021

Publish Time:2021-09-14 Author: Views:59

Recently announced by Qingdao Municipal Publicity Department, 426 Qingdao social science planning projects were established in 2021, after internet review, meeting review, and internet announcement, with the approval of Qingdao Philosophical and Social Science Planning Leading Group, seven of which were from our college.

Project Name


History of Qingdao Customs

Ding Peng

The working mode of Chinese International Education based on “Internet + Education” under the influence of the epidemic

Luan Zhu

Research on Qingdao City Image from the Perspective of Semiotics

Hao Tingting

Research on the Construction of Taoist Cultural Space in Qingdao from the Perspective of Tourism Aesthetics

Mao Simin

Research on the Construction and Communication of Qingdao Tourism Visual Image in the era of Integrated Media

Jian Xingzhu

Research on Tort Liability of Throwing Objects from Height under the Background of Civil Code

Tian Guoxing

Research on the Application of Foreign Contract Law in Qingdao under the Background of COVID-19

Dong Jinxin