The labor union of the School of Humanities and Law held a new semester union work conference

Publish Time:2021-10-08 Author: Views:44

  On September 28th, the labor union of The School of Humanities and Law held a new semester work meeting in Room 370 of the Arts and Science Building. The meeting was presided over by Leng Ling, the vice president of the college and chairman of the labor union. Union leaders and committee members attended the meeting.

 First, Leng Ling conveyed the key contents of the school's second-level labor union chairperson meeting and work seminar, and emphasized that our labor union should play a more important role on linking the Party and the masses together. Utilizing organizational advantages, the union has to completely mobilize the enthusiasm of the faculty and staff, effectively safeguard their rights and interests, and also innovatively carry out their ideological education and skill improvement. Leng Ling then summarized the work of the college labor union in the past semester, deployed the work plan for the new semester, and explained the important work matters in the future. Participants exchanged experiences and ideas in the union’s work, and discussed issues such as faculty welfare, labor union activities, teacher congress and collection of proposals.