The School of Humanities and Law Organized a Celebration of Teacher's Day and a Forum for Teachers for 30 years of Teaching

Publish Time:2021-09-17 Author: Views:35

"New grown bamboo is higher than the old bamboo branches, and they are all supported by the old trunk." On the afternoon of September 9, on the occasion of the 37th Teacher's Day in the country, the School of Humanities and Law organized a teacher's day celebration and a 30-year teacher seminar.Dean Wang Xuedong delivered a speech, and Vice Dean Leng Ling hosted the seminar.Secretary of the Party Committee Yao Chengjun, teachers with 30 years of teaching experiences, department heads and branch secretaries attended the meeting.

First of all, Dean Wang Xuedong extended holiday greetings and best wishes to the faculty and staff on behalf of the school, and presented flowers with Vice Dean Wei Xuebao to teachers who have been teaching for 30 years or more.In his speech, Wang Xuedong reported the development of the school in terms of teaching, scientific research, and discipline construction.He said that the college had been teacher-oriented, and the growth and progress of the school were inseparable from the contributions of all teachers. The teachers who have taught for 30 years or more are the witnesses of the school's development, who are the heroes and the valuable wealth of the school.He said that teachers who had been teaching for 30 years or more should continue to carry forward their expertise, do a good job of demonstration and guidance, and offer suggestions for the development of the school.

At the meeting, the faculty representatives shared their work experiences and the feelings of witnessing the development of the school. At the same time, they also provided suggestions for the further construction of the school.Every teacher there felt that the teacher’s inheritance had a long history, and would constantly move forward. 

Finally, Party Secretary Yao Chengjun made a concluding speech.He pointed out that the meaning of career was not only to enrich life and create one’s scale, but also realize the value of life.Teachers who have been teaching for 30 years or more are the flags of the school. They are supposed to actively exert their influence and play a significant role with their ideological advantages, experience advantages and authority advantages.