Associate Professor Wei Xuebao of Our School Was Awarded the Excellent Graduate Instructor of Shandong Province

Publish Time:2021-10-18 Author: Views:60

Recently, the Provincial Department of Education issued a document to announce the list of excellent graduate instructors and outstanding graduate tutoring teams in Shandong Province. Associate Professor Wei Xuebao of our school was awarded the excellent graduate instructors of Shandong Province.

As a graduate tutor, Associate Professor Wei Xuebao has always been a role model. He strengthens the awareness of excellence, so students can learn from him; he specializes in teaching, undertaking heavy teaching tasks and the results were proved to be good; he actively carries out teaching research, undertaking a project from Degree and Graduate Education Society, while directing the construction of one ideological and political demonstration course for postgraduate in Shandong Province; he is deeply cultivated in Qilu culture, having a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, directing the provincial university innovation team, and winning provincial scientific research awards.As a responsible person, he has also done a good administrative job with quite some achievements. performance.Adhere to morality, he strives to improve the ideological and political quality of graduate students as well as their sense of social responsibility. Previous graduates were mostly employed in party and government agencies, universities, and middle schools, who have fully demonstrated their sense of responsibility. Hefocuses on cultivating students’ innovation awareness and enhancing their innovation ability. One graduate student he instructed obtained a provincial excellent master's thesis award.

The excellent graduate instructors of Shandong Province have been selected every three years since 2006. It is the highest honor awarded by the Provincial Department of Education to graduate instructors in the province, aimed to encourage and commend graduate instructors who have made outstanding contributions to the work of graduate education in the province, exert their model effects, and motivate the instructors to focus on their education work.A total of 306 excellent graduate instructors were selected in the province this time, and 16 instructors were from our school.