The School of Humanities and LawHeld the 2021 Teacher-Freshman Meeting

Publish Time:2021-09-20 Author: Views:39

On the afternoon of September 11, the School of Humanities and Law held a 2021 teacher-freshman meeting at South Teaching Building 100.All school leaders, directors and deputy directors of the professor committee, deans and secretaries of various majors, heads of all disciplines, representatives of academic tutors, freshman class teachers, teaching secretaries and counselors attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the school’s party committee secretary Yao Chengjun.

Yao Chengjun first introduced the leaders and teachers participated, and extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the 2021 freshmen.The freshman representative Cao Jiayu made a speech. After expressing her gratitude to the faculty and the excitement of entering the university, she hoped that she could hold on to her purpose, study hard, have a long-term vision, and develop in an all-round way, and then serve the motherland.Tian Hongjie, a graduate student representative, expressed that he is full of expectations for the new stage of study and life, and shared his own views with the freshmen in terms of "goals, autonomy, and self-cultivation".The existing student representative Xueyuan Zenghui talked about his experience and experience from four aspects: study, work, emotion and how to face setbacks and frustrations, hoping to guide freshmen to set ambitious goals, strengthen self-management, and achieve better self-development.

"University life is indeed exciting. Please pay attention to your studies while enjoying your life." Sun Ying, a representative of the class teacher and a teacher of the music department, expressed cordial greetings to the 2021 freshmen, and pointed out how to spend the university days meaningfully and productively, expecting the student doing good.Qi Weihua, a teacher representative and deputy director of the professor committee, explained the connotation of "knowledge, deep thinking, and dedication", hoping that freshmen will continue to grow through extensive and rich learning and practice, be good at thinking in the complex reality, not easy to be confused, and stay calm and down-to-earth towards anxiety.

Dean Wang Xuedong delivered a warm speech. On behalf of the teachers and students of the school, he expressed his heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to all the new students who were admitted to our school with excellent scores.Afterwards, he introduced the school and university in detail to the freshmen, and put forward ardent expectations to the freshmen:

   First, to become a person with idealism, you must strengthen your beliefs, have the country in mind, and establish lofty ideals.While maintaining academic excellence, we should also closely link our own destiny with the country and nation, and integrate lofty ambitions into unremitting struggle. Second, to become an educated person, one must work hard, persevere, and calmly.We must treat study and work with a truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude, face setbacks and difficulties with the persistence and conviction of "wait until the clouds are gone and the moon can be seen", and deal with ourselves in life with a rational and peaceful attitude. Third, to become a good person, one should be cautious and independent, open-minded and tolerant, and live in harmony.We must pay attention to the dual development of culture and personality. To become a person of noble morality and both ability and political integrity, we must always hold ourselves in awe and discipline ourselves strictly.At the same time, he hopes that the students will cherish the fate, the innocent friendship in their youth, and grow together in solidarity and mutual assistance.