The School of Humanities and Law Held A New Semester Foreign Affairs Meeting

Publish Time:2021-10-15 Author: Views:44

    On the afternoon of October 8th, the School of Humanities and Law held a new semester foreign affairs meeting in the Humanities and Science Building, room 358. The meeting discussed the school’s international communication condition and deployed important foreign affairs in the new semester.The meeting was presided over by Vice President Liu Qing. Yu Jixian, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Yang Yifan, Section Chief, and the department heads and deputy directors responsible for foreign communication attended the meeting.

   At the meeting, the department heads introduced the current foreign communication condition and existing problems. Sun Zengqin, director of the Department of Law, introduced the foreign communication condition of the Department of Law from three aspects: foreign-related legal research, foreign-related legal talents training, and the construction of the international law discipline. She pointed out the current problems of insufficient characteristics of the talent training system, weak communication skills of students in foreign languages, and insufficient ability to apply international affairs. She suggested that legal English courses should be opened for the One Belt and One Road Initiative, as well as strengthening the integration of undergraduates and graduates, and improving exchanges and cooperation with foreign-related departments. Shen Zhuangjuan, director of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, talked about the positive role of teachers and students in foreign communication from two aspects: cultural output and exchange. She pointed out that it was necessary to strengthen exchanges in the teaching of foreign students and the visits and further studies of teachers and students. Dean of the Music Department Su Jing explained the international communication of the Music Department from three aspects: overseas cooperation in running schools, overseas summer practice groups, and international cultural exchanges. The director of the Fine Arts Department Sun Feng introduced that the focus of the international communication work of the Fine Arts Department since 2020 was to cooperate with the academic exchanges between the school and the Politecnico di Milano in Italy, and introduced the participation of teachers from the department in the International Education Week. He also talked about the communication with foreign teachers from the United States and Canada. He said that the Department of Fine Arts would contribute to international communication activities related to art and design.

  Yang Yifan, head of the International Cooperation and Communication Office, introduced three student exchange programs to participating teachers. He encouraged the college to carry out various forms of international communication, including online and offline.Yu Jixian, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, conducted an in-depth discussion on the current problems in international communication with the participating teachers.He fully affirmed the college's foreign affairs work and proposed that although international communication had slowed down due to the epidemic, it still needed to be actively promoted to lay a solid foundation for the development of international communication after the epidemic.

   On the basis of the preliminary foreign affairs work, our college will actively promote the Russian-Ukraine-Belarus project, continue to support and encourage teachers and students in various forms of international exchange activities, broaden the international vision of teachers and students, and help the college's foreign communication work.