The School of Humanities and Law Held a Meeting of all Faculty and Staff in the New Autumn Semester

Publish Time:2021-10-07 Author: Views:50

     On September 26th, the School  held a meeting of all faculty and staff, to fully convey the instructions of the university’s new semester conference, as well as summarize and deploy our work. The conference was presided over by Yao Chengjun, the Secretary of the Party Committee.

     Dean Wang Xuedong systematically summed up the new progress and breakthroughs made by the school. He said that under the joint efforts of all faculty and staff, all teaching and scientific research tasks of the last semester had been successfully completed, and the development was significant. In particular, two projects were approved by the Ministry of Education as first batch of new liberal research and reform projects, and two other projects won the National Social Science Fund. Wang Xuedong proposed that the school would follow the general deployment of the university -- "Constructing and completing the construction of university innovation system in the new era". With the work concept of "contribution-oriented, differentiated development and incentive assessment reinforcement" in mind, our school will strengthen five co-ordinations: 1. internal rotation and the university revolution service, 2. subject-based degree programs and professional construction, 3. teaching and scientific research, 4. optimizing stocks and improving increments, 5. individual development and school development. In the new semester, push various work forward, to make sure “important issues have breakthroughs, specific features have advantages, and the whole has influence”.

      Yao Chengjunsecretary of the Party Committee, summarized the school’s Party building as well as ideological and political work, and pointed out important work tasks. He emphasized the Committee will focus on propelling the implementation of the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" and achieving developing goals. A working system called "four joints and four commons" has to be built, a "point/line/space" working method has to be explored, and the "three combinations" have to be done. Finally, we have the possibility to hold together ideas, organizations and cultures. The committee should solidly implement the Party's history education and the inspection work. The cores are to construct ideology and politics, branch brand, teacher ethics and style, and college culture. We should also strictly press on the epidemic prevention, to enhance work security and stability. He proposed all faculty and staff to work together in order to construct a school with heat, soul, vitality, self-confidence, pursuit and position.

  At the conference, other members of the leading group arranged and deployed their work respectively, including the general path and key issues.