9th National Academic Seminar on Linguistics

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 “Boya Academy—the 9th National Academic Seminar on Linguistics” was successfully held in UPC from July 16th to 18th. It was hosted by Peking University Press, organized College of Arts of UPC and supported by School of Foreign Languages of Peking University.

At the opening ceremony, Wang Xuedong, dean of College of Arts of UPC, Chang Ningqi, dean of School of Foreign Languages of PKU and deputy editor-in-chief of Peking University Press delivered speeches respectively, hoping to deepen cooperation and jointly promote the construction and reform in linguistics curriculum systems among domestic colleges and universities. The opening ceremony was presided by Zhang Bing, editorial director of the Foreign Languages Editorial Department of Peking University Press, and more than 130 experts and scholars attended the conference.

Professor Hu Zhuanglin and Ning Qi from PKU, Prof. Wang Yin from Sichuan University of Foreign Studies, Prof. Jiang Wangqi from Peking University, Prof. Mao Haoran from Huaqiao University (HQU), Prof. Wen Xu from Southwest University, and Prof. Zhang Hui from Nanjing Normal University delivered keynote speeches. Prof. Lu Zhi from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies gave a presentation on cognitive linguistics demo class. Experts shared their research fruits and discussed future development of academic research on cognitive linguistics from multiple aspects. Liu Wenjing, deputy director of the Foreign Language Department of Peking University Press, gave a report on the publication of linguistic books. Professor Ning Qi, head of School of Foreign Languages of PKU, Prof. Mao Haoran, dean of School of Foreign Languages of HQU, Wu Jiamei, associate professor of Sichuan International Studies University, associate professor Zhang Jianke and associate professor Han Shuqin from College of Art of UPC, presided over the keynote speech session. The closing ceremony was presided over by Professor Sun Daman, deputy dean of the College of Arts of UPC. Professor Wang Xinbo, deputy dean of the College of Arts, made a closing speech.

 “Boya Academy—National Academic Seminar on Linguistics” is a national academic conference on the subject of linguistics. In answering the national call of improving foreign language ability of our country, the seminar aims to promote teaching reform of linguistic curriculum system in colleges and universities and to boost exchanges and communications between teachers in the linguistic circle.


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